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We will cover many topics from nutrition to BJJ life and culture. We are happy to have you here. Feel free to read through our resourceful and entertaining martial arts blog posts written by the team at Ground Control Columbia.
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The Benefits of Private Training

However, if you want an edge in jiu-jitsu, if you want to progress to the next stripe or belt faster, if you want to solve your problems faster or if you just want a better understanding of the art – try a private lesson, the benefits are worth it!

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Jordan Wagner with a medal at IBJJF Worlds

April, May & June News

Ground Control News (April, May, June) In April, Ground Control had an impressive showing on at Shogun Fights 16 on April 8th.  Ground Control Columbia’s

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Fernando Reis BJJ Seminar

Fernando Reis BJJ Seminar

Fernando Reis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar and Camp On September 25th, Ground Control Columbia hosted Fernando Reis’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar.  Overall, this was an

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