Should I go to Jiu-Jitsu class when I Don’t feel well?

The short answer is – NO! While that may seem like common sense, it is not always that simple for martial arts students.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our academies never forced members to wear masks and our classes were packed both day and night. During most of the pandemic we trained, worked out and sparred. Back then and now we have only had a few cases of students testing positive for COVID and most of them got sick elsewhere and rarely spread it to any other students.

Our policy is simple… if you’re sick stay home. This has been the policy for years and it is not just for COVID, it is for every illness. In fact, this was our policy long before the pandemic and it will be long after it is gone.

Should I go to Jiu-Jitsu class when I Don't feel well?

It seems like common sense but it is not always that simple. Sometimes students are feeling a little under the weather and want to push themselves through whatever they might be coming down with. I understand that nobody wants to miss a day of training so some try to push through, but it’s not worth the risk to yourself and your team.

The reason I say that it’s not that simple is because many times someone will be feeling a little off, tired or just that something isn’t right but they decide to train anyway. They get on the mats and try to power through it. Maybe they think that they are tough, that it will help them feel better if they just train, or maybe they just don’t want to miss a day of training.

Training through a sickness doesn’t do you or your teammates any good! First, you risk getting everyone else on the mats sick. Second, you are not allowing your body to rest and that is what it needs to fight off whatever you have. It may have been something minor that your body would have fought off in a few days but you train and that changes. You put stress on your body and use up the energy that you need to get well. It will end up taking longer to get better and you will make your entire academy sick in the process!

The bottom line is if you are feeling OFF stay OFF the mats!

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