How to Register for IBJJF

  1. Visit > click on the person icon on the right hand corner > drop down to MEMBERSHIP
2. Select between the two options on the left of the screen > fill out the required fields > LET’S GO
3. Make sure your CHOSEN OPTIONS are correct
5. Write your email > create a password > SUBMIT
6. Verify your email address by adding verification code sent to your email

7. Sign In

8. Fill out all of the required fields
Under Academy make sure you put GROUND CONTROL and for Professor JOHN JOSEPH RALLO
9. Review waiver
10. Agree with the terms > SUBMIT
11. Proceed to the next page
12. Download the registration form by clicking CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT TEMPLATE. You can print, sign, scan, and upload OR download it and sign by using programs like GoogleDoc
13. Upload required documents and photos > SUBMIT

14. If you accidentally logged out or had to leave unfinished, no worries, you can just sign back in

15. Once you sign in, click FINISH YOUR MEMBERSHIP REQUEST and complete the registration > make payments > submit > all done!

Your membership approval can take up to five business days after all required documents are received.

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