The Benefits of Private Training

Have you ever wondered why one of your regular training partners seems to be progressing faster, leaning more and getting promoted faster than you? You scratch your head on how it is possible because you attend nearly every class and it seems that you are at the academy just as much or more than him or her?  Well chances are that this classmate has decided to begin a private training program! 


Private training can be added to any martial arts program. A qualified instructor can customize a program for a student that will be a force multiplier for your skill level and martial arts game. When you spend even one hour per week with your instructor or professor working on things specifically designed for you, the benefits are immeasurable. 


Think about perfecting that move or that combo that you just can not seem to perform consistently. Or maybe you keep getting your guard passed, can’t get out of side control, need help with a switch kick or want to add elbows to your Muay Thai game… The focused attention of a private training program can change it all and fast! 


As the student returns to the group class even after just one private lesson it is a game changer. Group classes and the community are what make martial arts such an amazing way to get in shape and challenge yourself. However, if you want an edge, if you want to progress to the next stripe or belt faster, if you want to solve your problems faster or if you just want a better understanding of the art – try a private lesson, the benefits are worth it! 

I am speaking from my personal experience! As I grew and progressed on my martial art journey, I took private lessons regularly. I started from the time I was a white belt and continued all the way up to blackbelt and beyond. When I was in Thailand, I took Muay Thai private lessons everyday. Private training was a game changer for me and it will be for you as well.  

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The benefits of private training:

  • Faster promotions – Privates count as 3 classes at most academies.
  • Faster learning – You will fix the problems in your game that will help you understand how to learn and grow at an accelerated rate.
  • Less mistakes in training – You will understand where you are making mistakes and with the instructor focused only on you, you can fix them immediately.
  • More enjoyment in your classes – Having a better game and understanding how to fix what has been frustrating will help you get more out of every class. 
  • Achieve your goals faster – No matter what your reason for training, no matter what your “why” is for being at your academy, spending one on one time with your instructor will get you there much faster.

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