Practice makes Permanence – Not perfect!

Everyone has heard the saying that “practice makes perfect”, but that is not completely accurate. If you are practicing a kick, punch, armbar, or any movement, the repetition will develop the muscle memory necessary for you to continue to perform the technique exactly the way you have been practicing it. You will begin to develop habits that will eventually become permanent. But what happens if you are not practicing the movement properly? 


If you are not practicing proper techniques and movements, you will develop bad habits. This is true if you are training in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing or just lifting weights. Continuously practicing and repeating the same incorrect techniques will not make them perfect, it will just make them permanent. You will develop bad habits that will be very difficult to break in the future. Practice makes permanence not perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

The way to avoid incorrect habits is to make sure that you are practicing and drilling using the proper techniques from the start. Therefore, it is important that you have proper instruction. There are countless videos online today offering solutions to your training problems! There is nothing wrong with these videos, they are  a great addition to your training, just be certain to check the source. Make sure you are spending your time drilling the correct techniques, not just making erroneous movements a permanent part of your game! 

Learning from a video will always be incomplete when it comes to learning the physical movements in Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing or even lifting weights. Without having a coach, professor, or trainer to correct you, your training and learning will always be missing important details, details that you can’t see without an outside pair of eyes. Having a professional look at you, answer your questions, and correct your movements will mean the difference between practicing the proper techniques and drilling the correct movements into your head or developing bad habits that can be extremely difficult to break. 


Remember practice does not make perfect, it makes permanence. Perfect practice makes perfect. Make sure that you have a professional trainer, Muay Thai or Boxing coach or BJJ Professor to correct you in your practice and make it perfect! 

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