Fernando Reis BJJ Seminar

Fernando Reis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar and Camp

On September 25th, Ground Control Columbia hosted Fernando Reis’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar.  Overall, this was an excellent seminar.  Fernando did a great job demonstrating and breaking down his techniques and making his rounds to each participant.  For any of you who missed this Jiu Jitsu seminar, he will be in town training with us until Oct 7.  Now is your chance to learn anything you may have missed.  There was a great turn out at the jiu jitsu seminar especially from our own students.  Ground Control Columbia made up the majority of the attendees, and we also saw a few new faces from other local academies.
For two weeks following the Fernando Reis’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar, Ground Control hosted a Charlotte Open Training Camp.  This 2-week camp is a can’t-miss, for anyone who is looking to compete at the Charlotte Open on October 8th. We highly recommend that all of our students show up and help the team prepare as they go down to Charlotte and try to win the team trophy.
Ground Control has students and instructors going out to compete at the NoGi Pan Ams in New York, NY and at the Charlotte Open in Concord, NC. We have over 16 people from Ground Control Columbia competing at the Charlotte Open.

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