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During Open Mat, there is no set class, but the mat space is open for all students to use as they see fit. Students take advantage of BJJ Open Mat time by practicing new Jiu-Jitsu techniques, perfecting techniques that they have already learned, drilling fundamentals, and discussing attacks, defenses, and counterattacks. All belt levels are welcome to join Open Mat, so it gives the Ground Control community members a chance to learn from one another and grow their skillset.

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Joining Open Mat time will give the student the opportunity to work on the aspects of their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that game. Unlike class-time, which focuses on the instruction, practice, and perfection of a certain technique, you may use open mat time to talk freely with your training partners and strategize on how to overcome certain positions or gain advantageous positions. For individuals looking to compete in tournaments, Open Mat time will be your best friend! Work with others in the Ground Control to devise strategies that will help get you to the podium.
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We Provide a Fun, Safe and Friendly Environment for All Fitness and Experience Levels. Our Open Mat lessons are tough and thorough. You will be training with the best. Our gym is open to anyone who wishes to join. Be forewarned; the training you will receive is for fitness as well as Open Mat. Whether you wish to just do this for fitness or you wish to become a professional. Ground Control is here to help you.

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