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BJJ NO GI Intermediate

BJJ No-Gi Intermediate classes build on the foundations learned in the fundamental No-Gi classes. The Intermediate classes isolate more advanced No-Gi martial artists so that you can pit your skills against experienced opponents. By facing equally skilled and higher-skilled opponents, your skillset will improve rapidly.


No Gi students must obtain a base-level of experience before transitioning to BJJ No Gi Intermediate. BJJ No Gi Intermediate will focus more on building the skill library and live practice to gain invaluable experience. Joining the No Gi Intermediate class will push you to your limits, but the rewards will be worth it!

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BJJ No Gi techniques vary from standard BJJ classes in the following ways: 

Attire – BJJ No-Gi is the practice of Jiu-Jitsu wearing a rash guard and shorts, as opposed to the Gi.


Grips – In No-Gi, gripping your opponent becomes far more difficult. In BJJ No-Gi, grips must be altered to account for the skin-tight, slippery rash guard and the lack of the durable, bulky material of the gi.


Positioning – In BJJ No-Gi, creating inescapable positions for your opponent becomes far more difficult. Opponents are far more likely to slip or squeeze out of clinches that would work in normal BJJ classes.


Techniques – Many techniques that work for Gi simply do not work when the Gi is removed. While the availability of effective techniques will be reduced in BJJ No Gi, your focus and experience will increase as your ability to use these techniques without the grips that the GI offers increases.

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We Provide a Fun, Safe and Friendly Environment for All Fitness and Experience Levels. Our BJJ No GI Intermediate lessons are tough and thorough. You will be training with the best. Our gym is open to anyone who wishes to join. Be forewarned; the training you will receive is for fitness as well as BJJ No GI Intermediate. Whether you wish to just do this for fitness or you wish to become a professional. Ground Control is here to help you.

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