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BJJ Kids Panther Cubs

The BJJ Kids Panther Cubs are Ground Control’s youngest martial artists. The Panther Cubs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes start at 4 years old.  Kids will graduate to full Panthers when they turn 8 years old. For martial artists this age, the training, self-confidence, and discipline they develop in class will help them to reach their full potential in life and obtain the goals they set.



Never Do the Same Workout


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Youth training helps young practitioners in the following areas:


Coordination – BJJ Kids Panther Cubs teaches a defined curriculum that helps students practice and master their gross and fine motor skills.


Discipline and Focus – Martial arts classes remove the distractions of the modern world and help children learn to focus on the task at hand. Practice until mastery, without jumping from task to task to task, instills a sense of discipline and heightened focus in young martial artists.


Confidence – BJJ Kids Panther Cubs exude confidence. This confidence comes from knowing that, while they don’t need to seek out aggressive situations, if they find themselves in an aggressive situation, they have the skills they need to keep themselves safe.


Social Intelligence – Many modern children are under the impression that socializing means slipping on a headset and turning on their video games. BJJ Kids Panther Cubs helps bring young learners back to reality, encouraging them to interact, learn, and develop with other young martial artists, all while having a great time!


Competition, Endurance, and Completion – In Jiu-Jitsu sparring in matches, there is a winner and there is a loser. This is a fact of life and not something that should be shunned or turned away from because it is, in fact, one of life’s greatest teaching tools. In BJJ Kids Panther Cubs, martial artists will go through countless matches in practice and competition. Inevitably, some matches will be won and some matches will be lost. This win/lose repetition teaches children to endure a loss without giving up, that losing is not the end. If you grow yourself and your skills with hard work and dedication, that opponent who beat you last round may be the one tapping out in your next round.

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We Provide a Fun, Safe and Friendly Environment for All Fitness and Experience Levels. Our BJJ Panthers lessons are tough and thorough. You will be training with the best. Our gym is open to anyone who wishes to join. Be forewarned; the training you will receive is for fitness as well as BJJ. Whether you wish to just do this for fitness or you wish to become a professional. Ground Control is here to help you.

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Class Schedules

Mon & Wed

11:30am-2:00pm | 4:30pm-9:00pm


6:30am-7:30am 11:30am-2:00pm 4:30pm-7:00pm

Tues & Thursday

6:30am-7:30am 11:30am-2:00pm 4:30pm-9:00pm





Never Do the Same Workout


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