Jason Goyer - Ground Control Columbia

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Jason Goyer

Jason grew up in Montgomery County and wrestled from 6th grade until his senior year of high school. In February 2004, He began training at Baltimore Martial Arts Academy in Ellicott City under Pedro Sauer purple belt (now black), Mike Johnson. Jason was promoted to blue belt in 2005.

In 2007, Jason moved to Westminster where no academies existed, so he decided to start his own class at a local gym. He taught twice a week and trained with Mike on Saturdays. In 2010, Jason started training with Relson Gracie brown belt (now black), Stuart Ramos. Because of Stuart’s Judo background, Jason was exposed to a lot of stand-up work. In April 2011, Jason was promoted to purple belt by Master Pedro Sauer. In late 2014, Jason moved back to Howard County and began training at Ground Control in Columbia. Joao Paulo Ferreira (JP) became an instructor at Ground Control in early 2015 and started teaching Jason. Jason earned his brown belt from JP in 2017 and has continued to train with JP 5 days a week.

Jason was fortunate enough to meet the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Helio Gracie in 2004 before his passing. He has also had the honor to train with many jiu-jitsu masters over the years while traveling or attending seminars including Pedro Sauer, Relson Gracie , Denilson Pimenta, Fabio Gurgel, Tiago Rocha, Lucas Lepri and many others. Jason feels that because of JP’s guidance and his consistent training at Ground Control, that his knowledge and technical skills have grown considerably. Jiu-jitsu has helped Jason stay active and healthy over the last 14 years – He just wishes that he had found it sooner.