Ground Control BJJ Instructor - JP Ferreira

JP Ferreira

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Professor Joao Paulo de Fatima

Ground Control Instructor Rocky Marcantoni

Rocky Marcantoni

Rocky Marcantoni has been involved in Martial Arts most

Ground Control Employee - Bryce Garipay

Bryce Garipay

Bryce developed a passion for martial arts in 2010 when

Ground Control Personal Trainer Andre Watson

Andre Watson

Andre Watson is a nationally accredited certified perso

MMA Instructor Chris Stickles

Chris Stickles

Chris Stickles is a Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai c

Ground Control Instructor Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman

Alex began training in the Spring of 2013 shortly after

Ground Control Boxing Coach Wade Breegle

Wayde Breegle

Wayde Breegle began boxing at Age 12. 68 Amateur Fights

Ground Control Muay Thai Instructor Brandon Cherry

Brandon Cherry

Brandon Cherry is a Mixed Martial Art and Muay Thai com